Driving from Perth to Broome

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Are you visiting Western Australia for the first time? Or are you an old hand, but are looking for something new to discover? Whatever the case, we are sure we can help you plan an unforgettable drive from Perth to Broome.

It’s exactly 2,231 km to complete this drive via the 95, also known as the great northern highway, going north. If you were to attempt to make this drive in one go and without stops, it would take you almost exactly 24 hours. But let’s face it, what’s a long drive without some sightseeing? So we will list some of the top sights in Perth and Broome, and along the way as well!

Starting in Perth, there are some great sights to be seen there, so why not spend an hour or so in Kings Park, exploring the Botanic gardens, and getting some fresh air before spending the next few days in your car? If you have a little extra time, you can even take a boat over to Rottnest Island, which will only take you about 30-40 minutes each way. This is where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches and coral riffs you’ve ever seen. But keep in mind that the island is completely car-free, so you’ll need to find other ways to get around!

Once you’ve left Perth, start making your way north on the 95, and after about an hour and 40 minutes, you’ll come through New Norcia, a great little village, where you cannot only explore their heritage trail but also make your way to the Benedictine monastery or their museum and art gallery.

Continuing on north, you will drive through the Dalwallinu Remnant Bushland, where, at certain times of the year, you will see masses of wildflowers and might just be tempted to get out your camera. Keep going along the 95 and you will be only a very short detour away from the Granites, which is a native rock art site of the Badimia tribe and is 15 meters high and thought to be over 9,000 years old.

At this point, you might consider calling it a day, and stay in Mount Magnet overnight.

The next day, head further north and you will be crossing Lake Austin, via “The Island”.

Once in Meekatharra, why not have a break and maybe enjoy a walk around Peace Gorge? Finish the day off at Newman, with a nice walk up to the Radio Hill Lookout, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not climb Mount Newman?

Start the next day with a stop at Wanna Munna, only two hours outside of Newman. Here you can see Aboriginal rock carvings and walk along a beautiful gorge. Keep driving north until you reach Coppin’s Gap, where you can stop at Marble Bar for the night and enjoy a tranquil and safe swim at the same time.

For your last day, why not enjoy the Cape Keraudren nature reserve, where many people go for a bit of fishing and crabbing in the Indian ocean. From here, it’s only another 4 hours and 45 minutes until you arrive at your destination, the wonderful Perth to Broome tour! Here you will want to take some time and enjoy Cable Beach on the back of a camel!





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