Fuel Trailer

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A fuel trailer is a trailer truck with a tank body, which is used for transporting gases or liquids like, oil or gasoline in large quantities. These trailers come in different models and capacities, designed to transport different liquids or gases. The internal structure is specifically designed depending on the requirement, like pressurized or non-pressurized and insulated or non-insulated. The trailers are distinguished based on the features like tank shape, type of load that is being transported, size of the trailer, refrigeration capacity, pressurization capacity, and acid resistance. Both flammable and inflammable liquids and gases can be transported with proper safety.

Trailers with multiple compartments are used to transport different types of liquids at the same time. This saves time, transportation cost and fuel. Due to the large compartments of the trailer, the fluctuations of liquid to all the directions, caused in the tank caused when it is running cause major changes in the center of mass, which will affect the axle load and the stability of the truck and trailer. A multi-compartment trailer will reduce the changes of the axle and increases the stability of the trailer.

The trailers are equipped with safety accessories, to ensure they reach their destination without any leakages or accidents. The safety valve, emergency shutting-off valve, and the electrostatic eliminating device ensures the safety throughout the transportation, loading and unloading.

There are different methods to inspect the quality of trailers like, magnetic powder inspection, ultrasonic welding inspection, penetrate flaw detection, and x-ray flaw detection.

The magnetic powder inspection process involves magnetizing the surface of all parts and welded joints. Ultrasonic welding inspection helps in penetrating into the depths of the metal and spreads to all the parts and returns to the edge of interface. In penetrate flaw detection, a penetrate solution is used to detect the defects. X-ray flaw detection or radio graphic testing X-rays are used for inspecting and producing images of different parts of the trailer. A detector, which is highly sensitive to radiation, is used in this inspection. All these methods ensure the safety of the fuel trailer. Learn more about our fuel management solutions.