How can herbicides damage your soil?

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Do you know how can herbicides damage your soil? Herbicides should be with caution especially in private gardens. The excessive use of it is detrimental to the ecological balance in the park itself, since much wildlife prevents it from establishing itself and, in a broader sense, it is a severe form of pollution.

However, it is not easy to stop applying them thoroughly, despite the insistence of the organic gardens that are strongly committed to doing so. As a defender of the devil, at least one can define the conditions where you use herbicides to manage weeds in particular.  We recommend Contact Organics natural weed killer for natural soil management.

However, whether you use herbicides with heavy preserves or otherwise, two types of herbicides should be avoided altogether in small private gardens. One is the group that appeared before it appeared in the form of granules in the soil to treat weed seeds that are about to germinate, while the other type is a group of herbicides that selectively kill broad leafed plants, without damage weeds and other individual organisms. Unlike environmental considerations, the application of either group often causes extensive damage to nearby plants.

The problem with the herbicide that preceded it is that it contains residual properties, which remain active in the upper layer of the soil for a specified period. If the applied amount is excessive for the treated area, the soil or the surrounding plants may suffer.

They are less dangerous when used in large open spaces because at least the application rate can be easily calibrated. On the other hand, the granular forms generally recommended for dispersion in small areas are more difficult to calibrate. For the family of grasses in private gardens, preferably from all points of view, the reduction of weeds is reduced with organic sawdust.

Selective herbicides that are applied to eliminate broad leafed plants are derivatives. They work by disrupting the plant’s hormonal balance. They are dangerous because they evaporate very quickly, leading to vapors that contain poison droplets in the garden plants.

It is mainly used to treat non-herbal herbs such as dandelion and grow in the grasslands. Do everything possible to avoid its application, even if you have to deliver weeds every few days. Otherwise, make sure that only the qualified and experienced operator is spraying. Hormonal herbicides should never be used in hot, dry climates, let alone in mild wind conditions.

Unfortunately, some harmful perennial plants can only be eliminated through the use of some herbicides that belong to this last category. Due to the risk involved, it is better not to apply herbicides in private gardens.