How To Remove Google My Business Reviews

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Undoubtedly, an online presence is a great thing for any business in the contemporary world. Regrettably, your company’s reputation lies in the hands of those who leave a review(s) on your company’s page. More so, a great percentage of customers now depend on online reviews when making decisions regarding the services your company offers. Imagine just one negative review messing up with your business? Certainly, you shouldn’t allow that to happen.

Currently, anyone can simply leave a review online on a number of distinct platforms where your business needs to make an impressive reputation to attract more customers. Actually, because there are numerous ways people can leave reviews or feedback online, it is nearly impracticable to manually go through what people say regarding your business or company online. Nevertheless, you still need to get rid of them before they irreparably damage your company’s image. Well, by all means, you need to know how to remove google my business reviews.

So how can you easily remove google my business reviews? Below are the steps that you should follow.

o Find your profile (for Google My Business) and click it.

o Click the link after the star rating. The link normally shows the sum of reviews

o Find the false, negative or abusive review(s) that you may wish to remove.

o Next, click where it is written Flag as inappropriate’

o Key in your email address and choose the suitable violation type then click ‘submit’

Normally, when you flag your business review by a user as unsuitable, Google My Business will assess it. The results usually take about a week. In case they realize that the review is really violating their policy, they will take suitable action. This may include requesting the reviewer to reconsider and update their review. Alternatively, they may ask them to remove it completely. This way, your business reputation is protected.