Pre purchase inspection required before buying a house

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For most individuals the purchase of a home is one of the biggest investment they are likely to make in their life, so they take all possible measures to ensure that they get the best deal possible. Increasingly, home inspection services are advertising extensively, so many home buyers would like to find out is a pre purchase inspection required before buying a house. In reality an pre purchase property inspection may or may not be required, it depends on a number of factors like the price of the house which is being sold, location, size of the house, whether it is an apartment, and the age of the house.

In most areas there is an average rate for the property being sold, which is usually available. If the are rate of the property is the same as the rate or higher than the average area rate, it is advisable to inspect the property and ensure that it is in perfect condition, before finalizing the deal. A professional property inspection before the purchase will help in finding out all the defects, and help the buyer negotiate a better price. In case the property rate is already far less than the market price, the seller has already reduced the price due to the defects, and is unlikely to reduce the price further.

The price of a house depends on the location and size of the house, with bigger properties in large cities more expensive. Hence an inspection is recommended for purchase of expensive properties. Compared to newly constructed apartments in a building, older standalone houses are likely to have more defects, due to environmental damage, pest attacks, wear and tear and other factors. So if a person is planning to purchase a house, or apartment which is more than 5 years old, it is advisable to carry out a comprehensive inspection. For new apartments, an inspection may not be required, if the builder is reputed.