When is The Best Time To Visit Perth

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Perth is the capital of Western Australia and has a population of around 1.4 million people. This is the largest city of Western Australia and is surrounded by the Indian ocean. This city was originated in 1829 and has Swan river by its side.  For Accommodation in perth CBD, we recommend fraser suites.

Perth has a very rich divine culture and has open theaters, art galleries, libraries which depicts the history of Western Australia.
The city witness its spring season in the month of September to November and is the best time to visit the city by local tourists from Australia and from all over the world.
Perth has its summer season from December to February and is generally unfavorable to be visited by the tourists due to the extremely hot climatic conditions.
Months of June and July are also not recommendable to visit Perth as June marks the beginning of rain in the city while July is the coldest season.
So, if one is planning to visit to the city with his family for a good experience and for a memorable vacation, then he can plan his holidays in the month of September or October as these are the most favorable months to visit Perth.
Spring is the best season to have an outing with the friends and family in Perth as there are warm evenings, sunny days with a little or no rainfall.
During these months the streets of Perth are flourished with a wide range of flora all around. One could feel the fresh perfumes from these wild plants and also gets refreshed while walking on the roads of Perth during spring time. Perth has more then 12000 species of flora in its national parks.
Pleasant weather, clear skies, streets lush with flowers and a diversify culture is all that is needed by the city to attract a large amount of tourists from all over the world.