Why you need both building and pest inspection Brisbane

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When you purchase a property, it is important that you opt for both building and pest inspection Brisbane. This way you can increase the chance of any potential problems with the property being ‘spotted’.


The difference between building and pest inspection Brisbane


These services are completely different. Yes. There is a chance that a building inspector will be able to spot certain pest issues with a property, but their skills will be incredibly limited. For example; a building inspector will be unlikely to spot ‘new’ pest problems. They will only be able to spot serious structural damage which occurs a long time after the first pest infestation. Obviously, a pest inspector will be fully trained to spot the smaller issues. The tell tale signs that a standard inspector would not be able to spot.


The benefits of building and pest inspections Brisbane


Obviously, the main reason why you will want to opt for an inspection is so that any potential issues with a property can be spotted a long time before you make your purchase. The vast majority of issues highlighted by an inspector can be resolved, but there may be serious problems which may want you to pull out of the purchase of a property altogether. For example; if a pest infestation has caused serious structural damage which could cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair. If you still wish to go ahead with your purchase, then you may be able to talk the seller into reducing the price of the property in light of the discovered problems.


In most cases, a mortgage provider will also require you to undergo one of these inspections before they lend to you. The same goes for insurance companies. They may not be able to provide you with an insurance policy unless you provide them with a recent report of your property.