Zipmex is Australia’s leading digital asset exchange

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Trading in cryptocurrencies has become a popular online trading option and there are many traders who have made thousands of dollars trading in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Hence many people in Australia are interested in trading in the cryptocurrencies and are looking for suitable trading platform. Zipmex is promoted as the leading digital assets and best crypto exchange Aus and in Asia Pacific region. Hence many bitcoin and other investors who are interested in cryptocurrency trading would like to find out, who are zipmex, what kind of services they offer and how they are better than other digital exchanges.


Zipmex was originally based in Singapore, and it now has website for Australia which allows traders to invest in cryptocurrencies using Australian dollars. It allows the traders to invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In addition to the popular Bitcoin (BTC), it also allows investors to trade in other popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC. Hence depending on the price fluctuation and latest news, investors can choose the cryptocurrency of their choice. Another advantage of the platform is that it offers the cryptocurrencies at a low price, so that traders can maximize their profit.


Realizing that the prices of the cryptoassets are fluctuating fast, the platform allows traders to complete their trades fast for all the cryptoassets listed. It offers excellent liquidity since it is connected to the largest exchanges in the world. One of the main advantages of using the platform are that the fees which have to be paid for transactions are the lowest in the world. Since speed is important for trading the platform allows immediate deposits. Zipmex has tieups with multiple companies to ensure that the platform is secure and all assets are fully insured. The platform is licensed and they work closely with regulators in Australia. Thus all these features make zipmex the ideal trading platform for traders who wish to boost their profit.