Managed Hosting

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As an institution-wide repository, it is important that EQUELLA is hosted in a secure and supported environment.

We recognize that some institutions require infrastructure support to successfully implement EQUELLA.  Via our hosting provider NetSpot, we can provide you with various options to host EQUELLA. The options provided remove the need for your institution to invest heavily in dedicated staff and infrastructure.

The hosting solutions available have been developed to suit a range of institutional requirements including:

  • Short-term EQUELLA Pilot for evaluation purposes
  • Large EQUELLA pilot
  • Production Level EQUELLA hosting
  • Development / Test Server Hosting

Our hosting solutions can be deployed with limited lead time and allow for custom branding of EQUELLA – to comply with your institution.

For more information about NetSpot’s managed hosting of EQUELLA, please visit NetSpot’s website, or download the EQUELLA Hosting Solutions PDF (North American version).  You can also find out more about the benefits of a hosted solution by viewing the December issue of the EQUELLA eNewsletter.